Residence foxy Mountain is a place located in the beautiful countryside away from the big cities. Walking around the area will provide guests with an unforgettable experience. The whole building has retained the same appearance, ie. For example. Prussian wall of red brick demolition, gates forged of metal and natural stone field. There are two apartments, barn, 2 barbecue areas, access to the lake, all of this is located within the fenced and monitored.

Rezydencja Lisia Góra

Panorama dostępu do jeziora

Top fox is a small northern village (formerly a fishing village) located in Pomerania, in the district of Slupsk, in the municipality of Główczyce the lake Łebsko. The municipality crossed by two rivers – Leba and Łupawa. In the northern part of the lake is located Lebsko, the third largest in Poland. This is not only an attraction for anglers, but also lovers of canoeing.

The apartment complex has 2 places designated barbecue area. Built in the same style with stone hearths and wooden benches. One of the places to grill located near the apartments and is covered, and the second is located on an artificial island in a nearby pond, and it is a closed space. The perfect place to joint family evenings.

A large attraction is stable, which is currently inhabited by two horses race Hutzul and call a bill of exchange and Wedel. There are riding lessons from earlier findings. Throughout the stable is a total of five slots, and therefore, it is possible arrival own horse.

The extensive leisure attractions, among which worth mentioning even the stables and kayaking will appeal to both older and younger.